Study Information

We’re leading a project with Minnesota Department of Transportation and the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul to improve pedestrian safety in the Twin Cities. To do this, we will be measuring how drivers react to pedestrians at crosswalks at selected sites in the two cities. In both cities, some of the sites will receive engineering treatments to improve pedestrian safety and other sites will be continuously monitored for comparison. Starting in July, average yielding measured in each city will be posted and updated each week on blue signs at select sites in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The blue signs will help raise awareness of pedestrian safety and help the community track the progress of the treatments to improve the rate that drivers stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. The project will run from April 2021 to November 2021.

We’re doing this because there have been over 2598 pedestrian crashes in the last five years in the Twin Cities, 402 were children and 183 of these crashes involved children 10 and under. Please see the page on Safety Stats for other details, located on the above tabs.

Minneapolis Testing Site Locations

N Dowling Ave & N Freemont Ave

N Dowling Ave & N Bryant Ave

N 33rd Ave & N Lyndale Ave

Lowry Ave N & N Lyndale Ave

Lowry Ave N & N 2nd St

N 30th Ave & N 2nd St

N 21st Ave & N Lyndale Ave

N 18th Ave & N Lyndale Ave

S 8th St & Chicago Ave

E 16th St & Chicago Ave

W Franklin Ave & Nicollet Ave

W 22nd St & Nicollet Ave

W 35th St & Nicollet Ave

W 37th St & Nicollet Ave

W 38th St & Nicollet Ave

W 39th St & Nicollet Ave


Saint Paul Testing Site Locations

 Snelling Ave & Selby Ave

Snelling Ave & Laurel Ave

W 7th St & Saint Clair Ave

W 7th St & Michigan Ave

Ford Pkwy & S Cleveland Ave

W Pinehurst Ave & S Cleveland Ave

Maryland Ave & Arcade Ave

Arcade Ave & Jessamine Ave

Larpenteur Ave & Rice Ave

Larpenteur Ave &  Woodbridge Ct

University Ave & Dale St.

University Ave & Arundel Ave

Maryland Ave & Rice St.

Maryland Ave & N Woodbridge St.

White Bear Ave & Maryland Ave

White Bear Ave & Sherwood Ave