Twin Cities Safety Cup Pledge

Reaching zero deaths on our roadways takes commitment from all of us, whether we drive, bike, walk, or roll.

Your pledge makes you a partner in our mission, raises awareness of roadway safety issues in the Twin Cities, and helps make sure everyone gets home safely.

Diverse group crossing crosswalk in front of two cars


As a driver, I will...

  • Expect to see pedestrians everywhere
  • Be sure to look for and yield to pedestrians when turning at traffic signals
  • Come to a complete stop for people in crosswalks and allow for them to cross
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk
  • Travel the speed limit (20 mph in Minneapolis & Saint Paul unless otherwise posted)

As a pedestrian, I will...

  • Make my intention to cross clear to drivers
  • Stay alert and not assume drivers will stop for me
  • Cross at crosswalks
  • Make sure a vehicle is clearly coming to a stop before I step out into traffic
  • Obey traffic signals

As a bicyclist, I will...

  • Be predictable by using hand signals
  • Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Stop at all stop signs and traffic signals
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic and pass with care
  • Use safety equipment including helmets and lights at night

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